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Igniton Booster

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Igniton Booster
Started at 11:00pm on the 8th March, 2009 by Pete
Pete Subject: Igniton Booster
Has anyone had experience of the Spitfire Multi-Spark ? It is claimed it improves everything from performace to starting to emissions to etc. True or False ?
Posted: 11:00pm 8th March, 2009
Glenn Subject: Re: Igniton Booster
I have to agree with Steve on that one. Modern engines have very powerfull ignition systems to make them more efficent and have regular type plugs as standard. Believe me you dont want a belt off one of thoughs!!!
Posted: 10:36am 9th March, 2009
??? Subject: Re: Igniton Booster
its a load of old bollox, its just a plastic ball inside a tube making the spark jump further than it needs to thus acting as a capacitor discharge device. if your bike runs better with this then you have a problem elswhere.
Posted: 12:04pm 9th March, 2009
Lonely Old Dave Subject: Re: Igniton Booster
Mike M. The one in the sixties was called a Norton. Not to be mixed up with the Norton M/C.
Posted: 10:15pm 9th March, 2009
Norm Subject: Re: Igniton Booster
So where do I get one of these gadgets as my maggie is giving me the irrits.
Cheers Norm
Posted: 06:14am 11th March, 2009
??? Subject: Re: Re: Igniton Booster
Wrecked another one have you?
Posted: 01:24pm 11th March, 2009
??? Subject: Re: Re: Re: Igniton Booster
you fraud, get your own question marks.
Posted: 12:09am 12th March, 2009
snake oil drinker Subject: Re: Igniton Booster
OK so having a little spare time on the DYNO recently, you know where it cost £XX an hour or part thereof.... I decided to uses the spare time which I had paid for to prove or disprove to myself the claims that the multi spark unit provides more power by burning the fuel more effciently.

I now know the answer.
Posted: 02:45pm 18th March, 2009

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